About Hauslife

Hauslife was born during a visit to the inimitable and buzzing city of Marrakech in Morocco. On a visit back in 2016, I found myself surrounded by the most exquisite homewares, textiles and jewellery, all of which I wanted to take back with me to furnish my new home. 

I managed to squeeze (somehow) a leather pouffe and some beautiful cactus silk cushion covers into my hold luggage, but I left feeling like I could have bought so many more items. Another holiday wasn't on the cards, so I set about trying to find pieces like the ones I'd seen online. 

My searches were fruitless - the furnishings were either incredibly overpriced or had exorbitant shipping costs. At the same time, I was spending so much time trying to find lovely things to fill my new home - lovely crockery, soft furnishings, towels and more, and again I was struck by the high prices I would have to pay if I wanted something out of the ordinary. Furthermore, I couldn't guarantee that these products were bought at a fair price from the makers. 

So, in an atmosphere of frustration followed by a moment of enlightenment, Haus was born with some simple but earnest aims. Hauslife aims to bring together a truly lovely collection of items, sourced from around the world (including good old Blighty) in one place, all at a fair price. On this site I hope you'll find that perfect touch for your sitting room, ideal gift for your best friend or even a new towel to take on your holidays. 

I hope you love Hauslife as much as I do and come to think of it as a great place to see craftsmanship from across the world, all sold at a price that is fair to you and bought at a price which is fair to the artisan who made it. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Kate x