Travel Essentials - Tips from a Travel Writer

Travel Essentials - Tips from a Travel Writer

Did you know pre-Covid I was a travel writer? Well, in those years, I’ve found out pretty quickly what you do and don’t need on holiday. 

First and foremost, for me it’s actually bug spray 😂 weirdly Avon’s Skin So Soft actually is the best I’ve tried! 

Then it’s a case of packing things that perform multiple functions - so, these are the four heroes (that we sell too) - I care about recommending products that I think really fulfil a function, so these are my desert island pieces. 

turkish hammam towel

The OG is the Turkish hammam towel - I use this as a scarf/blanket/travel pillow on the flight, then I have it as a beach towel. It’s been used to keep little ones warm on boat rides and keep midday sun off. It’s ultra absorbent and so soft - this towel has been with me on at least 12 trips and it still looks good as new. The beauty of hammam towels is the way they're woven - if they snag, you can simply cut off the loose thread and it won't unravel. 

market shopper basket

Next is a Moroccan basket. These look great and are really practical for the beach, as well as for shopping - you’ll feel effortlessly chic popping your bread from the market in there. If they get misshapen, simply lightly wet them and reshape. I love the plain handled ones, but there are also lovely versions with leather handles and lots of different shapes. 

citronella candle

This next tip seemed a bit boujee at the time, but it really helped on my last holiday - taking a Citronella candle away was a god-send during al fresco dinners - it stopped everyone from the mosquito attacks, whilst also creating a lovely fragrance and ambience. We have our own-bran Citronella candles in amber glass jars which burn for approx 50 hours, or our citronella, lemongrass and basil blend ones in lovely ceramic pots that you can use again after for plants or in the kitchen.

cotton kimonos

Finally, it’s the lightweight cotton kimono - I’m a big fan of wearing mine as a duster coat with jeans in the UK, but I also love it for covering up by the pool or popping on to make a cuppa in the morning.

Other essentials are a really good moisturiser because plane air, plus chlorine or sea water are skin killers! I packed a Citronella candle on my last trip and that was great around the dinner table. Finally good SPF - I use Murad Skincare factor 50 on my face.

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