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The New Neutral: Unbeatable Thai Hmong

Thai Hmong fabric - the new neutral cushions which need to be on your interior radar.

Over here at Haus HQ, we've become a little obsessed with blending neutrals - it's even become an unconscious office uniform! And we think our latest batch of vintage Thai Hmong fabric may be the cause. 

It's not something we are too concerned about, not least because these fabrics are some of the most stunning examples of traditional handicraft we've ever seen. If you've not heard of it before, Thai Hmong (the 'H' is silent) fabric is a handicraft of the Hmong people. Originating in China, Hmong groups now live throughout South East Asia. Our fabric is largely vintage (circa 1980s) and principally comes from Thailand. 

hmong cushions

As with many ethnic groups, Hmong handicrafts are wide ranging - batik fabric is another example of their amazing work, and often pieces are brightly coloured and intricately embroidered. For Haus, we've sourced a selection of hemp 'flower cloths' or Paj NTaub (pronounced Pan-Dow) in a range of neutral colours with largely geometric patterns. These flower cloths are so called as babies were wrapped in them, disguising them as flowers and hiding them from evil spirits. 

hmong pillows

As with everything we stock, the greatest care has been taken to ensure the cushions support artisanal workers in both Thailand and here in Bath, where these beautiful fabrics are turned into cushions. 

You can see the full collection here. 

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