Summer Entertaining - Recipes and Styling

Summer Entertaining - Recipes and Styling

I am an avid collector of plates, bowls, dipping saucers, glassware, name it, I love it. In tandem with that, I love entertaining - so I'm pleased to bring you a gorgeous mix of our new tableware alongside some of my absolute favourite (and importantly easy!) recipes to serve them on. 


Green Goddess Brisa Bowl

The Dish: The Green Goddess Salad that broke TikTok

Serve in: These gorgeous shaped dishes

If you haven't tried this one, make it now! It's the ultra-healthy, vibrantly green, crunchy, creamy, savoury dip/salad that you'd been waiting for. I love to serve mine in the above dish as an alternative to guacamole. 

Pasta Puttanesca Brisa Bowl

The Dish: Pasta Puttanesca

Serve in: Serve in the middle of the table in our super large bowls

Loosely translated as 'sluts pasta' - anything goes in this sauce - I like to chuck in dregs of sun-dried tomatoes and capers which are always lurking in the fridge. This bowl is perfect for everything party-catering related! It makes simple pasta feel like an occasion and is also perfect for salads with a BBQ. 

Taramasalata Cristal Nacar Aperitif Plate

The Dish: Taramasalata with crunchy crudite

Serve in: The gorgeously glazed Cristal Nacar Aperitif Dish

This serveware is perfect for loads of dishes, but one that stands out is a generous dollop of homemade taramasalata in the middle, surrounded by crunchy crudités like radishes, raw carrot, sugar snap peas, raw courgette, cucumber and peppers. Homemade knocks the socks of store bought and this always gets gobbled up in moments. 


Hope you enjoy these recipes - next time it will be all things cocktails and sweet treats!


Kate x

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