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Simply Scandi Christmas

Am I allowed to discuss Christmas yet? I work in publishing, so we've been knee-deep in it since July, but I'm not sure if we are in socially acceptable territory yet! Either way, I thought I'd share some lovely pieces if you covet that Scandi Christmas look as much as I do - plus a few tips on how to get there. 

A new trend emerging this year is pastel Scandi, which is cute, but not my style, so think of this as a guide to a more gentle, natural, hyggeligt Christmas - the type that beckons you in for a cosy cuddle and hot chocolate laced with something more grown up. 


Garden Trading Scandi Table Setting


First up it's all about the tree - and never ever underestimate lighting. My family look with equal parts doubt and concern when I unravel the 30m of string lights to wind around the tree. Honestly, light. her. up. It makes the world of difference, especially if you can layer them closer to the branch. are a good website for lights - they've got some very sweet outdoor ones too - I'd highly recommend a look. 

Lights4fun garland

Decoration wise, this is super personal. I'm the horrible auntie who strategically places my niece and nephew's glittering clay pieces toward the back (or ideally on another, less conspicuous tree...) - but I know that personal family decorations always come first. I've seen some gorgeous trees filled with personal ornaments - but if you do want something more Scandi, I'd advise styling some branches in a vase to be a central display for such keepsakes, meaning you can be more choosy with the tree. 

We happen to sell a gorgeous collection of baubles - the clear glass pieces filled with dried grasses look particularly lovely against the verdant green of the tree. The classic pampas filled baubles are our favourite, but the ruscus and bunny tail ones are super cute. You can shop them all here.

Pampas Filled Baubles

Texture is everything in Scandi styling, particularly natural tones - wooden benches, sheepskin throws, woven linens and lots of greenery - adding lots of texture means we can be neutral with colour without schemes looking flat. 

The same goes for adding pops of metallics - brass is warming and works well against a range of pieces - and looks particularly good against wood grain and neutral colours. 

We are IN LOVE with our new brass Scandi candelabra - the legs are moveable, making it a luxurious and practical addition to your Christmas table. Layer a linen table runner underneath and keep everything else understated. 

Brass Candelabra

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