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Micro Trend: Global Gathering

We’ve seen a real shift toward a trend that is taking its cue from textures and patterns across the globe. This is a fabulous way to decorate, giving warmth and texture to any scheme. The trend has also come into fashion and jewellery, with beautiful, glittering gemstones and hammered gold.

How to style:

These patterns and textures can be easily integrated into any scheme - here the amazing Instagrammer Megan Schlachtenhaufen (@undectorated_home) has added them over items like a classic leather sofa and a neutral scheme - something we can all relate to and take inspiration from. They elevate those items that are a bit everyday, and with soft furnishings, you can just change them up depending on your mood.

If you love the look of leather pouffes, we have them available in two beautiful colours, both handmade in premium leather and hand stitched with cactus silk thread. 

mudcloth pillows

Amp Up Neutrals:

Are you a lover of soft, natural colour palettes? Neutral schemes can be given a huge boost with some carefully-selected soft furnishings. Here Instagrammer Anissa (@housesevendesign) has used sumptuous sheepskins and mudcloth pillow to add sophisticated interest. Haus have a brand new, but very limited stock collection of mudcloth pillows to buy.

What is mudcloth? Mudcloth or bogolan is a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. They are known for their beautiful patterns - Just one of the many things that makes traditional mud cloth so special is that each piece has a story to tell. Even the arrangement of the symbols on the cloth reveals something secret about the intended meaning, and this language of the cloth was passed down from mother to daughter.

Head-turning Textiles:

We have beautiful collections of soft furnishings and textiles - particularly popular are our Turkish cottons. The peshtemal or hammam towels have a dizzying array of patterns and colours and look as wonderful draped over an armchair or to add some colour to the bathroom. Once you use a peshtemal towel and see how fast-drying and ultra-light they are, you’ll never go back to traditional cottons. Ours start at £16 for hand towels.

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