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Insta Interiors // Luxe neutrals with @luciamaysmithhome

In our new blog post series, we want to delve into the wonderful world of Instagram's best home accounts to find out a little more about the amazing spaces we see. 

First up, we have the lovely Lucia from @luciamaysmithhome, who lives in a Victorian property with her boyfriend of ten years, and her cockapoo Rex who is now 15 months.


Lucia and her pooch, Rex

Was there much work to do when you moved in to your home?

No, for our first home we decided we wanted an older property that didn’t need loads doing to it, so we were able to move in and enjoy our time in the house straight away. 

Which room did you start first?

The first room which I did was the living room. It’s the first room you see when you come in the house, and I thought if I could at least make the hub of our house feel more me it would feel like home! 


The living room, with her signature blue chair and the Haus Thalia Teddy Cushion

How would you describe your style?

I think this is hard. But I guess Scandi/boho. I’ve also recently really got into Wabi Sabi and wish I could be more minimal but find this hard when I’m addicted to buying vases and pots! 


Which transformation are you most proud of?

Definitely the bathroom! Even though the previous bathroom wasn’t awful, it wasn’t at all me. We saved up for a while for our bathroom renovation and it’s definitely made me want to buy a renovation for our next home as I feel it’s the only room that’s completely me! 


Lucia's Bathroom Transformation with a Tikamoon Basin


Where do you get inspiration from?

Instagram mainly and also Pinterest. I also love a home interior book. 

You’re also a bit of a style queen - where are your favourite places to shop for clothes?

Aw thank you!  I studied fashion at university and I always knew when I got a house that my obsession with buying clothes would move to my home! I buy most of my clothes from Zara - now Zara home! I also love H&M. 



Any tips for those looking to renovate or re-style?

My style has definitely changed since I’ve been in my house. I’ve learnt that it’s better for me to buy timeless, neutral pieces and add in colour through accessories and things I can change. A bit like clothes, I do get bored quickly. So if you’re anything like me, I would definitely recommend really finding the right pieces instead of rushing into things. It’s never too late to change your style - that’s the joy of decorating! A fresh lick of paint and some new accessories can really transform a space. I would also say to wait and live in the space for a while before making any big decisions. I was so worried about not having furniture when we moved in, so I think I rushed buying bits and really wish I had waited until I was sure. 


Favourite piece of furniture?

If it counts definitely my statement Tikamoon basin in my bathroom! Or my rattan cabinet from French Connection. 


French Connection Cabinet Cane

Lucia's French Connection Cabinet and one of her favourite H&M Vases

Things on your wish list this autumn?

Oh gosh there’s always so much! I would love a new lamp for our living room ready for a long dark cosy winter. I am also desperate to change the carpet on the stairs and landing. Our next project though is going to be the spare room which we haven’t touched since moving in!  

You can follow Lucia's style journey here: @luciamaysmithhome

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