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Real Life: Bathroom Transformation

Now, I know this has nothing to do with cushions, but I'm really open about my home renovation journey and I wanted to share my own bathroom transformation with you in the hopes it might inspire you to make a special space out of a tired room. 

I was interviewed about the process recently, so I thought I'd share that with you all!

bathroom transformation

What were some of the obstacles you faced with this project?

Firstly, the room is really small for a family bathroom! It measures 2.2m long by 1.65m wide. Previously, I guess because of the small width, the bath was against the longer wall with the door - but it meant you basically walked into it as soon as you entered the room. By opting for a shorter bath, we were able to flip the orientation and create a space that feels much larger.


What made you choose this design?

I love the look of micro cement and Venetian plaster, but it was coming out at £130 per square metre. So when I found the Fashion Stone range at RAK Ceramics, I was thrilled - it’s exactly the warm stoney beige colour I was looking for and had a beautiful graduation of pattern through it that mimics the micro-cement. I also had the mosaic tiles installed in the shower niche - cement doesn’t allow for pattern, so I think it was the perfect option.


I’ve wanted black taps since about 2016 when I saw them on an Australian design show - I was so thrilled to find RAK also stock them. Most of the bathroom is kitted out with the Amalfi range, which has the most amazing textured finish - it looks and feels so luxurious. 


The basin tap feels so amazing - I read once that you should invest in the objects you touch everyday and this tap is honestly dreamy. The motion to turn it on is really slick - it’s the little things that add up to making a space feel luxurious. 



 Bathroom Microcement


Is the shower over a freestanding bath?

Yes - this design decision did cause some head scratching for the builder! I wanted the look of a free standing bath, especially because we knew we’d have to get a smaller one, so I thought why not emphasise it. The way we counteracted the water issue is to have a small wet room former tray in each corner behind the bath, and also to run the underfloor heating in this area to help dry out the splashes. So far, so good! 


The bath is an absolute beauty - it’s the RAK Cloud design and at a petite 1.4m, it was the perfect size. It is very heavy though, as it’s resin - so just bear that in mind when planning! The shape of it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before - it really has a beautiful form and gorgeous curves. I love that it sits on a base. 


Did you have any tech installed?

Yes - was a must for my partner. We’ve got the most beautiful shaver socket and dimmer switches from Corston Architectural Detail- the black bronze finish is so modern but also timeless. The switch outside controls the spotlights and then the LED strip lighting in the recess by the bath separately. The recess it sits in offers a handy space to put products for showering and was created by adding a shallow stud wall. 


Then there’s the Lithe Audio waterproof speaker in the ceiling - it looks amazing set against the inset circular RAK shower head too. It allows you to connect your phone or tablet wirelessly - amazing for watching movies in the bath or listening to the radio in the morning as you get ready for work. We will be using the same tech all synced up in the rest of the house. 


Finally, the loo! Who knew a toilet could be exciting, but this one is! The RAK Ceramics Des Rimless Close Coupled loo has a touch-less flush - super hygienic and very easy to clean - the battery life lasts two years too! The toilet is also rimless inside, meaning there are fewer nooks and crannies for bacteria to live. 

Where’s the towel rail?

Another one that confounded the builder a bit - again because of the size of the bathroom, I was worried about the projection of a towel rail into the room. My other half also only hangs his towels rather than folding them on a rail - so we came up with a different solution. The underfloor heating is electric and these wires can be (carefully) taken out of the matting - we asked the builder to cut grooves into the wall to accommodate the cables and tile over them - thus creating a warm wall. We then positioned hooks about 10cm clear of the top edge of the cables and the towels hang against a warm wall to speed drying. 


What’s the secret to a successful bathroom scheme?

I think we are looking for bathrooms to feel like an escape - in line with that, lots of storage is essential - looking at clutter is not relaxing! Making more of a layout and maybe opting for smaller baths to maximise the feeling of space also helps. Our vanity unit is a floating one, helping the volume of furniture in the room to feel smaller. 



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